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Could you imagine a world without logistics services ?

What is the importance of logistics services for business growth worldwide? How do logistics solutions benefit companies?

Logistics services is meant to be the backbone of a country's development and the engine for taking off new investments in infrastructure. In a context of trade openness and economic globalization, the development of logistics services is fundamental to increase competitiveness by reducing costs and times, so it would be difficult to imagine what the world of trade would be like without logistics services?

Thanks to the development of the logistics sector and integral solutions, logistics platforms have an outstanding characteristic seeking not to compete with each other, but to complement each other to boost foreign trade activities by promoting the offer of integral logistics services to different types of industries throughout the world.

economic growth
Roldan Logistics provide total logistics solutions for import and export goods and raw materials.

What are the business logistics processes?

First it is important to define that logistics in the civil field, serves as a link between the production phase and the market phase, processes that a priori are quite far apart in space and time, but thanks to business logistics are able to unite. Within the processes covered by business logistics,are distribution, transport and storage, in addition, these systems are responsible for relating and coordinating these processes that in the practical activity are not closely related.

logistics solutions to import and export goods and raw materials
Logistics services helps companies grow.

The role of business logistics manages all the key activities such as procurement, production, distribution and residual logistics , creating connections between the different parts of the process that allow the nexus to coordinate them and generate greater performance in the most effective way. What a company produces or manufactures has a supply chain,from its origin, until it reaches its end customer and this would not be possible without a logistics sector in constant evolution

To achieve its objectives, business logistics offers an important competitive advantage to the company,meeting the requirements set forth by customers, and seeking to meet the objective at the lowest possible cost generating a higher profit margin for the company.

The world changes and logistics accompanies that change.

The world is becoming more complex and interconnected, allowing for more significant economic growth, but also causing new and unpredictable market disruptions. The next decades will bring new challenges and as new technology, automation and artificial intelligence technology enter, companies must optimize their logistics systems to remain competitive in increasingly globalized markets that require solutions that more strategically evaluate the risks that can arise in the different stages of the logistics process.

The world in 2020 tested the logistics sector,COVID stopped many of the conventional processes of international logistics and it seems that the current trends of uncertainty, volatility, and competitiveness of markets and environments, make the logistics service,a demonstration of flexibility, agility, and adaptation to customer requirements, with an evident growing tendency to disintermediation making its activity invaluable to the world by ensuring the supply of essential goods during the most critical time of the pandemic.

The logistics world will be oriented to the formation of networks of operational and information complementarity, with logistics operators increasingly efficient, agile and flexible, and with intelligent tracking and traceability systems, which will allow the competitive sustainability of the sector making it more difficult to imagine world trade without a logistics sector in constant evolution and growth.

After reading this articleor Can you imagine a world in which logistics services did not exist?

in Roldán Logistics we will continue to transform the logistics sector promoting the growth of the Colombian economy connecting all its commercial potential with markets around the world.

we have promoted the development of the country and international trade through comprehensive logistics solutions.

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